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Murano Glass Jewelry

Our artisans have been working with Murano glass from generation to generation. This tradition is passed on and perfected to create exquisite masterpieces. Each piece of jewelry comes with a certificate of Authentication.

According to our artisans;

“I know that Chinese glass is in all the world, also in Murano, but for us is a cancer and a daily battle. All beads are handmade from me and my family likewise, bijoux assembly. For this reason, we are a part of Consorzio Promovetro Murano that guarantees original products.”  


Placed in a beautiful palace of the 16th century, in the heart of Florence, Italy, Bottega Fiorentina artisans have been hand-crafting leather since 1960. Every article has been intricately handwoven by these Florentine craftsmen and guaranteed in quality by the Lucci family. They have been distinguished for their excellence in craftsmanship, be it in shaping, cutting, detailing, weaving and sewing of each wallet, handbag and clutch.  

Each article has been well defined by our artisans to ensure timeless elegance and practicality. Working with materials entirely produced in Italy, Bottega Fiorentina truly symbolizes “Made in Italy”. 

Lamb-skin leather:  Easily-identifiable, due to its buttery-soft texture and light-weight, lamb-skin leather is, without a doubt, highly coveted when it comes to quality and luxury.   


Wool Blankets

These beautifully hand-woven wool blankets have been crafted using a blend of natural Himalayan wool and fine Merino wool. Hand-woven with both; handspun and mill-spun wool for extra softness and light-weightiness, these blankets are perfect to keep your little one cozy and warm. 

In order to ensure no loose ends and to add to the aesthetic beauty and softness of each blanket, Mulberry silk hemming has been sewn as a border addition to each blanket.  

Dyed using natural resources, your baby’s blanket is completely chemical-free.

All bags and wallets are made from genuine Calf leather, tanned using vegetable tanning. The process of vegetable tanning, is one that is carried out in the most natural and respectful way, as has been done from generations. 

According to our artisans;

"We do not feel the need to use chemical products to reduce costs. One of the main characteristics of the skin of vegetable tanning, is that its pores are left open, making the passage of time, create a beautiful personal patina on it. Thanks to this respectful process, the skin achieves extraordinary qualities unthinkable in chrome tanning. The process of our vegetable tanning leather is done in a traditional and purely artisanal way. Avoiding the use of heavy minerals for the tanning process is a much more environment- friendly method." 


Organic Cotton

Our Organic Cotton blankets and swaddles have been crafted out of pesticide-free and chemical-free organic cotton, which has been proudly sourced from our GOTS certified artisanal company. This artisanal company is Fair Trade certified, ensuring a safe, clean and fair working environment for our skilled makers. Their Social Accountability Standard being (SA8000-2014). 

Carefully crafted and dyed by our artisans using chemical-free dyes allows our blankets and swaddles to be perfectly safe to use for newborn skin.  


Pelletteria Veneta

Each bag has been hand-crafted from genuine Italian Leather, naturally dyed and coating-free. Leather, in its most natural form to increase durability and minimize wear and tear. 


Supporting Communities, Craftspeople, & Empowerment

Our team is driven by an unrelenting passion to promote the bigger cause of community development, women empowerment, and environmental sustainability. Take part in our journey. 

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